Saturday, May 27, 2017

The winners and the losers

Is it win at all costs?

“I don’t like losers” – a quote from the current president of the United States.
Who are the losers? Are we confusing those who we don’t agree with as losers? Are we saying those who have the most money are winners?
We all want to be happy, and everyone has his or her own idea of what defines happiness and success.
Long live the king shouted the masses as the King displayed the heads of losers on a pike for all to see.
Is the hedge fund manager who made a bad call the loser, or are his clients the losers?
Is the older person who depends on our social system a loser? Who wins if that person loses their Medicaid support?
Did the three guys who are founders of a startup that was bought out by Facebook win? Or did they lose to Facebook?
Does every win, mean a loss? Sometimes that is exactly what happens. So does that mean if I win, you lose? For many that is exactly it! We have a system built on it.
Is it a sport event, a game, or is it life today? We love to be competitive - winning, that is our measure of success. Are you a loser, or a winner? If you can’t be a winner, are you going to choose a surrogate to be your winner? Or maybe a surrogate loser. Either way you will not be the loser.
Whatever the answer is, somehow this gets to the heart of the great divide that has surfaced. Some clearly feel they have lost something. I don’t think we should call them losers. They have stories to tell and we should listen. And, we should take a look at those who call themselves winners and ask them something about being a winner. Maybe we can all learn something.
I am hopeful that my project “An American Mosaic” will touch on some of this.
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