Saturday, August 31, 2019

We learn from listening...

An American Mosaic is traveling the country listening to what people have to say. Talking about their lives and their concerns. All walks of life. It's about us, Americans today.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Summer 2018, a lot of conversations around the country

An American Mosaic has been on the road in San Joaquin Valley CA, Montana, West Virginia, Ohio, and Wisconsin so far this summer. Heading to New England soon. You can find out more at our web site: and

Saturday, July 7, 2018

An American Mosaic will be traveling to Coal Country

Looking and listening to the people who's lives have centered around coal for decades. An American Mosaic will be in West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky. You can follow us on @anamericanmosaic on Facebook and listen to our podcast through this link: Di-a-logue, An American Mosaic

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

An American Mosaic podcast DIALOGUE is now streaming

Di-a-logue a podcast from An American Mosaic is now streaming. Conversations with Americans today about what we are thinking. Ordinary and extraordinary people from around the country talking about life today on a variety of subjects. Available on these platforms and apps  #DialogueAnAmericanMosaic RadioPublic Apple Podcasts

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

9 conversations... An American Mosaic sampler of what people are saying

9 conversations video, 11 minutes, 9 people talking about the subjects of the day. American Mosaic is gathering conversations from around the country. A project that is just getting started to help us understand each other and perhaps create an exchange of ideas, and thoughts about being an American today. VIDEO LINK @ VIMEO

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

New Years morning 2018, a great conversation in the kitchen

An American Mosaic had a great conversation about life in a rural community, with David, innkeeper for 40 years on the southwest corner of the Washington coast, near the Oregon border. It was New Year's morning ahead of the breakfast guests. We talked in the kitchen about life in the small rural communities and about his story. This is an excerpt. Learn more at:

Thursday, November 30, 2017

On the road in January, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama

An American Mosaic will traveling the back roads of Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Alabama starting in January. Shooting video and having conversations with people about life, community, and what it means for them to be an American today. Stories from the road.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

An inspiring young Amish man talked with An American Mosaic

Levi's story is inspiring. At a young age, he has built an impressive business in southern Iowa, boarding on Missouri. This area has a large Amish community that he is part of. Part of a September 2017 road trip. An American Mosaic on the road.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

An American Mosaic on the road in September

An American Mosaic will be traveling the back roads of Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, and Missouri during September. Listening to what people have to say about jobs, community, family, roots, kids, and what being an American means to them today.

Monday, August 21, 2017

People and Places... An American Mosaic

Conversations with Americans about work, school, community, family, retirement, dreams, roots, immigration, what it means to be an American today. We will be posting to our YouTube Channel as we collect content. YouTube An American Mosaic 

On the road with An American Mosaic...

On the road... the journey has started. An American Mosaic. This is a short clip. A lot of places and people will be part of our jouney.

Monday, July 10, 2017

check out our YouTube channel for An American Mosaic

We will be posting videos to our new YouTube channel, An American Mosaic, as our journey progresses and we are talking to the American People. We hope you will subscribe and follow along. A journey to discover who the American people are today. An American Mosaic YouTube Channel

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Thinking about the American Dream, and a Nation built by Immigrants

This is a video worth watching even if it has a commercial in front of it! Anything is possible for those who dream. Today's dreamers are tomorrows future. The An American Mosaic project is starting this summer.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

At an Inflection Point with Society and Technology

At the Crossroads of Society and Technology
What happened this last year? A bubble just burst and we didn’t even see it coming. Like all bubbles, the symptoms were there, we just did not pay attention. When it burst we were totally surprised and the fallout is significant.
We just elected one of the most unpopular presidents in U.S. history. Who was pitted against what might have been a runner up for that distinction.
How did this happen and how did we get here. I have no idea, except I to want to find out. That is at the heart of the project I am starting up.
Technology played a hand in this. It is invasive and tied to our lives beyond our imagination. I suspect a very large percentage of the population have no idea how transparent their lives really are, and I am not talking about uncle Joe down the road knowing what you are doing. It is acknowledged tech provided a shadow operation for some during the election cycle. It also has been acknowledged that social media is the main source of information for many, and it is really media.
Everyone has signed on to some form of social media. Probably safe to say most are on Facebook, which is arguably the most powerful company in the world today if you look closely at what they control, and how many ways they are in your face… pardon the pun.
As I am planning my project and feel it is very important that we use this media platform for the project to be relevant today, one of the team members brought up a very interesting point.
"A lot of the interaction with social media and current technology lends itself to a schism between who you are offline and who you are online. The gap between the two is becoming increasingly indistinct and may be a large factor in many of the pervasive social conflicts today".
That is an interesting thought, since we will be posting online daily when we start our journey this summer to discover who the American People are… offline. 
Follow our journey on the web at, or Facebook @anamericanmosaic

Saturday, May 27, 2017

The winners and the losers

Is it win at all costs?

“I don’t like losers” – a quote from the current president of the United States.
Who are the losers? Are we confusing those who we don’t agree with as losers? Are we saying those who have the most money are winners?
We all want to be happy, and everyone has his or her own idea of what defines happiness and success.
Long live the king shouted the masses as the King displayed the heads of losers on a pike for all to see.
Is the hedge fund manager who made a bad call the loser, or are his clients the losers?
Is the older person who depends on our social system a loser? Who wins if that person loses their Medicaid support?
Did the three guys who are founders of a startup that was bought out by Facebook win? Or did they lose to Facebook?
Does every win, mean a loss? Sometimes that is exactly what happens. So does that mean if I win, you lose? For many that is exactly it! We have a system built on it.
Is it a sport event, a game, or is it life today? We love to be competitive - winning, that is our measure of success. Are you a loser, or a winner? If you can’t be a winner, are you going to choose a surrogate to be your winner? Or maybe a surrogate loser. Either way you will not be the loser.
Whatever the answer is, somehow this gets to the heart of the great divide that has surfaced. Some clearly feel they have lost something. I don’t think we should call them losers. They have stories to tell and we should listen. And, we should take a look at those who call themselves winners and ask them something about being a winner. Maybe we can all learn something.
I am hopeful that my project “An American Mosaic” will touch on some of this.
Your ideas and thoughts are welcome. Please visit our web site:

Monday, May 22, 2017

A good NY times piece on "throw away people"

Part of the American Mosaic... truckers and their stories

There are so many stories to be told about the American People in 2017. We tend not to pay much attention to what is not immediately in front of us. Truckers are not even visible, we just see trucks. Yet they have been and are a vital part of our everyday lives. This is worth reading.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

An American Mosaic... A Nation of Immigrants

A Nation of Immigrants... we all have roots
Today we seem to have short memories and suffer fatigue from information overload and distractions. It is easy to forget that the United States is a relatively young country and one made up of immigrants, with the exception of the Native Americans that were displaced by the new arrivals. Today in 2017 we are still a nation of immigrants, with many we do not recognize because they are not from Europe and not white anglo saxon. They are however following in the footsteps of the first arrivals and are just as diverse a group, following the American Dream. Perhaps this is best illustrated by the fact that Steve Jobs’, the founder of Apple, father was a Syrian immigrant.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Understanding America in 2017

There are many stories that need to be told about Americans today. J. D. Vance's book Hillbilly Elegy is a must read for anyone trying to understand why so many people feel they are left out of the system. The American Dream has passed for some. While others prosper.