Wednesday, March 8, 2017

We tend to easily dismiss the past as we rush forward

Why “An American Mosaic” is important... History!
We tend to dismiss history today, because we are making it every day. Technology has changed how we consume, how we respond, and how we measure events, time, and things that are important.
I say history because, many will soon forget the details and facts behind this last election cycle that surfaced this great divide in the U.S. In fact we will forget that we all share common ground and interests. It is important to let all the diverse people of the United States be recognized and hear their stories and what their version of the American Dream is. We need to know each other, or this country that we all call home will no longer be a safe haven for all. We are allowing others to form our opinions about our neighbors.
This is not a liberal or conservative view, it is not a political view, it is not a religious view, it is just a personal view from someone who has always just assumed that most everything was good is his country. I am concerned now and do not recognize my country. I know many share this feeling and that is why I am launching the road trip called “An American Mosaic”.
Since I first posted about this in December 2016, I have had a very positive response from a great many people. Cheering me on, offers of help and support, and it has pushed the project forward. Your support is needed. Thank you.

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